• Geniuses are among us.

    Maybe they live next door and get on our nerves because they practice all day long. But we would probably never get the idea that one of those could be a new Rostropovich. If your neighbor plays cello and if his name is by chance Boris Andrianov then it is certain that soon you will see him only from far – on CD covers or on stages of big concert halls. The young Russian student of the Hanns-Eisler-Hochschule plays like a god: With heartbreaking, beautiful, softly-vibrating Belcanto-tone and masterly noblesse he turns an almost harmless Boccherini concerto into a small wonder of grace and discrete melancholy. In this gallant, dainty Ancien-Regime-Music where emotion always keep the contenance, Andrianov uses all finesses of virtuoso discourse without offending against good taste. Always pointing towards the inside even in virtuoso passages, this art of indication makes grand not only Andrianov’s playing but also Boccherini’s music.Joerg Koenigsdorf BERLINER TAGESSPIEGEL April 29, 2001

  • The confession to a cellist!

    I’ve listened to Boris Andrianov in Sala Villasls El Monte on the 5th of May in 1998 for the first time. Since then he’s got a lot of prizes added to his crowned of laurels career, for instance, the first prize in The International Competition in Zagreb two month ago. A student of the great David Geringas, Andrianov undoubtedly is one of the most brilliant start of the young generation of Russian cellists today. …His having tacked the sonatas of Debussi, Frank and Prokofiev was a challenge of a professional. …Andrianov still is a passionate, fervent performer using a bright sound when forte and in the most tense passages. His technique is keeping with the best traditions of Russian school. His musical phase is long and profound; his application is flawless. His performance dazzles. The cellist sinless into performance and it seems that he is playing not for the audience but to himself. He knows how to make use of the richness of cello’s sound emphasizing the melodiousness of the passage. …Lately, Andrianov acquired maturity developed his gift for music his personality and his expressive exquisiteness.Ramon Maria Serrera MIERCOLES April 26, 2000